Saturday, April 9, 2011

Special Birthday Wishes to @PurpleBrina17! :O)

This Picture Says It All...

Let's admire The Pretty, shall we?

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Miss Brina!  I'm so glad we're friends!  I hope you have a wonderful day & awesome weekend!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Updated: Interviews & Evaluations - Chapter 11 - She Will Be Loved

By all means, this isn't an April Fool's Day joke!  This is for real!  My apologies on the wait, I'm really sorry about that!  I hope you find that it was worth it!

The Storyboard

The Teaser
Here's the teaser I posted with The Fictionators:
The pasta that sat in the art deco bowl before me made my taste buds salivate. I couldn’t wait to dive in and taste it. Before our waitress took off to her station, she grated fresh parmesan cheese over our entrees.
We were commenting on how everything looked so tasty and had begun to dig in. I had just swallowed a bit of my food and had barely taken a drink to wash it down when Ali decided to just come out of left field and surprised me with her topic of choice.
“So, you and Edward, huh?” She asked with a wink and playful poke of her fork in the air towards me. As my brain went blurry on her question, I could have sworn I heard her meow at me. What the hell, Alice?
I choked, putting my goblet of water down, “Wh-what?”
“It’s okay; he told me all about it.” She replied with a big smile, shrugging her shoulders.
Oh, my God, no… no… “What?” I wiped my mouth with my napkin, placing it back in my lap.
“Don’t worry; it’s not a big deal.” Um, it’s a very big deal!
“Oh, my God, Alice, what did he say?” I tried to play it off as I looked down at my plate. Hopefully, she didn’t know everything.
Of course I would tell her… when the time was right, but not now.

The Music
Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved

I had this song in my head the whole time while writing this song.  It's mainly the chorus that was the inspirational part, not the whole song in its entirety.

…  I've had you so many times but somehow
I want more …

I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved
And she will be loved
And she will be loved
And she will be loved

Click here to read the next chapter of Interviews & Evaluations!

Checking My Pulse, Charitable Causes & Important Info

Hi, everyone!

Yes!  I'm still here & I'm not giving up!!  Real life has been crazy nuts-- if you follow me on Twitter, you know this already so I hope I'm not repeating myself too much.

To show you how busy I've been, I'm happy to let you know that I have signed up for two more charitable events.  Those events are:  The Fandom Gives Back for their spotlight on Autism & the other for Fandom for Tsunami benefiting the relief efforts in Japan!

Future-take - "In Print"

Yes, that's right!  The FGB piece is an actual future-take for Interviews & Evaluations!  It's already written and sent off-- imagine that! :)  See how easy that was?  And now, all you have to do is donate to the cause so you can read it!