Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's Going On? Ashamed, Humbled and... and Writing!

All right... well here goes nothing... & everything...

When I was younger, I had a teacher who from time to time used to lose control of his class and he would just shout out the phrase "pink elephants!"  This would silence our class and we would all start laughing, wondering what was going on in that head of our crazy teacher.  Little did we know, he just wanted us to shut the hell up.  Of course, for the remainder of the class he would say things like "don't think about those pink elephants!  Don't do it!  You're thinking it and you should really stop while you're ahead!"  Well, what else can you do with statements and questions like that but laugh, right?  Of course.

Uh oh.. the pink elephants are here and they're dancing and looking rather silly, don't you think?  LOL

So, I'm having a 'pink elephant' moment if you'll be so kind as to hear me out, while it may be embarrassing, it needs to be said!

I'm going to just come out and say it... I'm completely ashamed.  When I took an unannounced (not undiscovered) absence from writing my story(ies), I never thought I would be sitting here nearly a year later trying to figure out what to say to you guys.

I. Will. Be. Good.  .. Sort of!  >;-P
I'm really sorry its taken this long, that's all I can say really.  Those who know me well know that I've been going through a lot of stuff in my real life mostly health-related issues and while those are on the up nowadays, I still can't help but feel stupid on how I left my updates.  I left you hanging, I'll be the first to admit that, but I assure you I'm not going anywhere, I'm still here and in fact, I was never gone-- you can check my Twitter & my Facebook.  In fact, those of you who were kind enough to contact me regarding Interviews & Evaluations and my other stories, received a reply.  Thank you for those messages, it was those that encouraged me and warmed my heart.  Some of them actually brought me to tears that there are actually people out there who care about my silly little story and want to know if I'm going to continue it or not.  It's an overwhelming feeling, but one that I don't mind and truly appreciate!

I do have some exciting news though, depending on how you look it of course!  One of the reasons that I'm delayed in posting is that I signed up for two collaborations with fellow Twi-fanfic author Heartfelt-Pen for not one but two charitable fanfic events.  Cool, huh?  I'm very excited and very much looking forward to sharing these new one-shots (that could possibly turn into multi-chapter stories per your request!) and being able to help out for these unfortunate causes.

So, now I would like to formally introduce the events and the stories:

Fandom for Texas Wildfires

For this event, we collaborated together and wrote a story called The Pursuit.

Auctions for Schelmy - Fan Fiction Edition

For this event, we collaborated together and wrote Kindling the Sparks.

Also, after these charitable fan fics are issued, I will be finally posting my one-shots that I had written for the Fandom Gives Back: Autism Speaks, Fandoms Fight The Floods, Fandom for Tsumani and Foxy Fics!  See!!!  I have been busy!  So that's FOUR one-shots (side note:  one is actually a future-take for Interviews & Evaluations!  Have you read it yet?  If not, you will soon!)-- so really, three one-shots & a future-take!  How lucky are you!  Very! :-P

So, again I say thank you for the support, please be patient with me as I get back in the swing of things!  I'm here to stay.. unless someone pisses me off [no, no... I'm kidding!  You're totally stuck with me, guys!].  But, hey, that's a totally different story! :P LOL

Oh and, umm... please don't think about the pink elephants! ;)