Monday, February 27, 2012

Posted: Suited-Up & Leather Bound (OS)

Edward Cullen is a cocky bastard.  He believes that because of his family's wealth, his devilish good looks, and his ridiculous book smarts that should make him God's gift to women.  Between his repetitive schedule, his 3-piece suits, and an over-confident attitude, Bella Swan seeks the chance with great and wicked delight to put him in his place and enjoys every minute of it.

Style:  ExB - M-Rating - Drama/Angst

I browsed the different sections for a while before making my final selections. I always took my time, carefully reading over each selection and deciding if I should waste my time on this type of literature. Their politics section was definitely lacking and I would be sure to bring this up to the clerk.

“Hey there, Becca,” I greeted the pretty clerk as I walked up to the checkout counter. I put the books I intended to purchase on the counter.

Today I would get her to talk to me. I would get her to notice me and pay attention. I mean, why the hell wouldn’t she right? I mean, c'mon, I am a catch!

I had always admired her from afar but she wouldn’t ever budge. What was her deal? I wasn’t going to bite. Although, the idea was appetizing, that wasn’t my sort of thing.

“Hmm?” What did she say?
“Bel-la,” she repeated herself but slower as she tapped her fingertips against her silver-plated nametag. “My name is Bella.”
“Oh,” Crap, “Sorry. I thought it was—"
“It’s fine.” She sighed, taking the books from the counter and reviewing them before entering a few codes into the computer screen. “So, did you find everything you were looking for?”
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Posted: Semi-Charmed Life (Twilight OS)

  • Summary:  Bella Swan is a sucker for a guy dressed all in black and Edward Masen is that guy.  Whether Bella knows it or not, he's going to change her outlook on life, love and everything in between as she goes from a young girl to a grown woman.
  • Characters:  Bella & Edward
  • Style:  Drama/Romance
  • Rating:  M-Rating for eventual lemons!
  • Teaser:
She thought she was going to lose her breath.  Suddenly, she felt slightly light-headed; her heart was beating out of control.  Whenever his green eyes into her brown ones, she felt as if he was pouring into her soul.  His eyes were clearly trying to tell her something, she just needed to figure what that was.  She didn't really know and she was okay with that.  He reached up and rubbed the back of his knuckles against her cheek.  Her face was involuntarily moving towards his hand, letting him almost up it, the warmth of his hand heating up the coolness of her cheek.

It was in the moment, they both could not deny that something was changing between them.  They both had never been this close to anyone else before.  It was an unspoken agreement that they were going into uncharted territory with one another.

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