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Looking for some good Twilight fan fiction?  Well, you’ve come to the hot spot.  Here, I’ll be making my recommendations that I consider must-read material.

Check back soon for updates as I add new recommendations as often as I can!

Summary:    Although they’ve been practically inseparable since the day they became friends, Bella Swan has ALWAYS believed that she and Edward Cullen would NEVER be more than friends, regardless of how well they get along, despite how much she loves him. But the night before Bella is set to return to Arizona, to spend a few months with her mother, the combination of Bella, Edward, vodka and one steamy beach party results in all kinds of boundaries being crossed. Scared at the possibility of something new and unfamiliar, they part ways under strained circumstances leaving both of them wondering if even their friendship can survive. But now Bella’s back. Back, after a long, hot summer with Jake, her lifelong friend from Arizona with whom she shares more than just a few sparks. She is desperate to put Edward Cullen out of her mind once and for all and eager to respond to the advances of someone new on the scene. As Bella and Edward continue to cling to the pretense of friendship, how long can they pretend that they never acknowledged the truth? That one night meant everything and that they’re both desperate for a second chance to make things right. Although they may NEVER admit it, they’ll ALWAYS know there is something between them that simply refuses to be extinguished.

Story Details:    Rated M – Angst/Romance – All-Human - Edward & Bella

Why I love it:    It’s easy to believe that Bella & Edward could really be best friends. It’s a really sweet story that you get sucked into as you see E & B’s relationship change near & far via text messages. And, Edward loves him some cinnamon lollipops. Ooo wee!

Summary:    Charlie Swan agreed to take 8 yr old Edward Cullen on one of his & Bella’s weekend fishing trips. Little did he know, he opened the door to a life-long friendship & romance.  Follow Edward & Bella through their life…

Story Details: Rated M - Romance/Drama - All-Human - Edward & Bella - Complete!

Why I love it: First off, it’s an adorable story, I couldn’t help but laugh as I read through-out the two kids growing up. And I know that isn’t what you want to hear at first for an M-rated story, but hang in there and trust me on this one!! Their witty banter back and forth is hilarious, and the name-calling is what killed me in the beginning! It’s totally worth it! I love that this story has a little something for everyone – romance and drama with a little bit of funny on the side. Oh, and just wait until you get to the lemons!
Wow! :O)

Summary:    A young woman goes through life living in fear of being hurt again; focusing on her career as a means to distract her from all that she is missing in her life. In the process of “living her life” she turns her back on her family; realizing a little too late how important family truly is. A young man moves through life living day to day for his daughter in fear of opening himself up to someone again. Both realize, through each other, that where there is love… there is life.

Story Details:    Rated M - Romance/Family - All-Human - Bella & Edward

Why I love it:    I love when any version of Bella has guts and balls, it is such a nice comparison to the Bella we are all used to reading about, meek and fragile. This Bella is on-the-go and living it up in her world of fashion and media. When everything seems to be going perfect for her is right when the rug gets pulled out from her. It has a few tear-jerker moments in it, but it's worth reading it to get through all of that for the good stuff! It fun to watch her adapt to her new life and the new characters that come into the fold as the story pans out!

Got Recommendations?

If you have a story you’d like me to check out and possibly recommend here, feel free to send me an e-mail! I’m always looking out for a great story!

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