Saturday, January 30, 2010

So.... um... Where's the story?!

Yeah, well, that’s a good question!

So, I’m a new fan fiction writer and I tried uploading my story last night (*gasps* IKR?!?) & ran into a big snafu, so I wasn’t able to upload after all.  I’m quite peeved, let me tell you, but I'm not going to give up and will give it another try again tonight.

In the meanwhile, I’d like to share the story summary with you, so check it out & feel free to add me on alert over @ FFnet!

See ya there!

Interviews & Evaluations
Rating: M
Style:  Edward & Bella
Drama/Romance - AU - All-Human

Story Summary:

Recent college graduate Isabella Bella Swan is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter who is following her dreams as she joins her lawyer boyfriend when he makes partner in Dallas, Texas. After making a name for herself in the Austin music scene, she gets swept up by an independent Dallas record label which only sweetens the move for Bella. Her life begins to change dramatically and she becomes acquainted with many new friends and opportunities.

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