Saturday, March 20, 2010

Behind The Scenes: Interviews & Evaluations: Chapter 3: Hit The Wall

Interviews & Evaluations: Chapter 3 has been posted!

Interviews & Evaluations - Chapter 3 - Hit The Wall

Here's the teaser that was posted with The Fictionators:

We continued on with the meeting, I began to sign some preliminary paperwork and they agreed that I could take the rest home to have it looked over by a lawyer.

What they didn’t need to know is that said lawyer was my boyfriend. That’ll be my little secret.
They also informed me that I would need to get a physical to finalize the contract. Oh, boy. Nothing that excited me more than getting poked and prodded by a doctor I didn’t know with cold hands.

In casual passing, I mentioned I didn’t have a doctor and Mike was more than happy to whip out yet another business card.

“Here, give my doctor a try,” He grinned as he placed his doctor’s card into my hand, “He’s great, you’ll like him.” I looked down at the card and fought off the idea of rolling my eyes because it wouldn’t have helped the situation anyways.

Um… yeah, whatever. I hadn’t met a doctor I liked yet and I wasn’t about to change my plan of action.

Before shoving the extra papers into the already stuffed envelope I brought back with me for the meeting, I wrote down the doctor’s name and phone number. Regretfully, I made a mental note to schedule my stupid appointment.


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