Monday, February 22, 2010

Behind The Scenes: Interviews & Evaluations: Chapter 2: Brick By Brick

Hi, again!  So sorry it's been awhile!

Chapter 2 ("Brick by Brick") has finally been posted and I'm sending off my Chapter 3 teaser to The Fictionators as soon as I'm through posting this!

Interviews & Evaluations - Chapter 2


As he began to roll forward on his heavy machinery, he turned his head to the left as the silhouette of face was illuminated like an angel’s reflection. The streetlights exposing and focusing in on him as he plucked his nicotine stick from his lips with two long fingers and flicked it, watching it toss down to the ground.
I heard a door open and a high-pitched voice that could only belong to Alice, “Bella! C’mon, girl! They’re calling your name!”

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