Saturday, February 6, 2010

Behind-the-Scenes: Interviews & Evaluations, Chapter 1 – Going Under

So, the very first chapter of Interviews & Evaluations has been posted!  Eek!! LOL
Interviews & Evaluations - Chapter 1 - Going Under

Here’s a teaser from Interview & Evaluations, Chapter 1 – “Going Under“:

The constriction of my throat is almost too much to take, the shocking temperature chilling my body. I am struggling for everything with no motivation as I am all alone and no one can help me in my frightening solitude. I kick my feet and wave my hands, rushing water suffocates me, swirling around as it does nothing to help my current situation except push me further down.

The pressure of the water surrounding me, encapsulating it as my body was a victim with no savior. I could no longer breathe.

Suddenly, the darkness is my solace. And my day becomes night.

A glow of white fades in and an angel’s hand is reaching for me and pulling me in as I’m whisked away from the abyss.

To read the full chapter, click here & leave some review lovin’!

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